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Web Support
The Department of Housing and Ancillary Services at Western.
Contact List

Thank you for visiting Housing and Ancillary Service's Web site at the University of Western Ontario. If you have questions or comments regarding the information and/or services provided by our department please contact the appropriate support area listed below.

Housing For questions and comments related to residences and on-campus apartments For questions related to on-campus family housing For questions related to housing problems, issues, and disputes For questions related to our Off-Campus listing service
Hospitality Services For general inquiries For campus eatery inquiries For questions related to our meal plan system For questions regarding our catering service For questions related to nutrition and the nutritional content of our food products
Conference Services For questions related to Conference Services at Western.

Web Support Team

The Web Support Team from Computing Services provides web services to the Department of Housing and Ancillary Services at Western. Our services include developing and maintaining websites and web applications for departmental needs.